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The simplest way to contact The Blueberry Patch and its owners,  Grant and Merry Gartrell, is to email, but other contact methods are captured here for your convenience.

The Blueberry Patch
Nangkita Road, Mount Compass

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Postal: PO Box 27, Mount Compass, South Australia 5210

Telephone: (08) 8556 9100

Facsimile:  (08) 8556 9142


Crop Updates via Twitter
  • Today Sunday 16th is the last day for our shop to be open this harvest. A very small amount of fruit left to pick.… ,
  • Nice weather here at last. Our PYO fruit has all been picked. Our farm shop is still open for ice creams. Still tak… ,
  • Our berries have survived amazingly well so far, but these hot days are tough for the refrigeration. We cannot keep… ,
  • Hot windy morning and catastrophic fire danger forecast for today, Mon 30th. If you are planning a visit, suggest y… ,
  • Hope you had a good Christmas. Our fruit survived the heat, so far at least. Open for sales this morning, but if it… ,

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