Blueberry season

Even Blueberries have an Autumn pause

Even Blueberries have an Autumn pause

Blueberries have a relatively short season in South Australia from December until February.

One of the great challenges we face is maintaining crop supply to meet the pick-your-own demand. We find that we often need to close early or skip whole days or weeks when picking has been heavy, or the crop light, or the weather unfavourable for harvest. The joys of nature!

It pays to check our Twitter stream on the day you plan to visit our farm for our daily availability report.

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Crop Updates via Twitter
  • Sorry, no fruit left to keep shop open. We won't be opening on 11th or 12th, as we had hoped. Let us hope for a better season next summer.,
  • Most bushes have grown well and look lush. This should give us a bigger crop next year, and hopefully less people missing out.,
  • Although it's been a light season, and not helped by the storm damage on Boxing Day, the generally mild conditions have been kind to us.,
  • Expect that may be the last time this season, and still with a half kilogram limit until we sell out. Thanks for your custom and kind words.,
  • Shut for a few days because of extreme heat. If we survive that we'll open Sat 11th & Sun 12th.,

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