How will you cook your Blueberry Patch berries?

How will you cook your Blueberry Patch berries?

The blueberry is one of nature’s exquisite taste sensations. And there are no better blueberries in the country than those harvested from South Australia’s leading plantation, The Blueberry Patch.

Nestling in the Fleurieu Peninsula’s beautiful Nangkita Valley where rich peat soils are fed by pure natural spring waters, The Blueberry Patch produces what connoisseurs call the ‘true’ blueberry flavour.

Blueberries are truly versatile, as much at home in muffins, pies and coulis as they are in a fresh fruit salad. Little wonder that blueberries are the first pick of many of Australia’s leading chefs.

The Blueberry Patch sells fresh berries in season, presently from December to February, or packaged frozen fruit throughout the year while stocks last.

Fresh blueberries, HACCP quality assured for wholesale and retail sales are available prepacked, or you may pick your own. We are normally open daily from 9am to 5pm for counter sales from mid December to mid February, with pick-your-own during January , subject to seasonal vagaries. Coaches and tour groups by appointment, please. If making a special trip, please check our Twitter feed on this website first to confirm availability.

Crop Updates via Twitter
  • PYO fruit still not yet ripe. Pre-picked bulk fruit when available is at PYO prices. For larger quantities we suggest you order ahead.,
  • The website is (obviously) OK now. The cool weather suits the plants but causes the berries to ripen slowly. Have a berry merry Christmas.,
  • Our website is down. No idea why. Hopefully a quick fix. At least the weather is good, the berries are ripening and the tweets still work.,
  • For larger quantities of pre-picked fruit we suggest you order ahead by phone on 85569100. For PYO availability check for updates each day.,
  • PYO will start in early January but will be in short supply, as some areas of the patch will be closed because of new plantings.,

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