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The Blueberry Patch plantation is one of the earlier commercial blueberry plantations in Australia, beginning with 1000 plants of the variety Blue Rose in 1983.  Operated by proprietors Grant and Merry Gartrell, and son Alex Long, this small family business now has about 9000 bushes covering 4Ha and a range of varieties. We do our best to provide a caring family atmosphere for our workers and farm in an environmentally responsible manner. About half the blueberry crop is picked and packed by a seasonal picking crew, mainly students working for the summer holidays, and is destined for the more discerning fruit shops both in Adelaide and interstate. The rest of the crop is kept for pick–your–own. A few raspberries are also grown.

                                    The climate and soils are well suited to the particular requirements of the highbush blueberry, and the water supply is reliable and of excellent quality. We don’t want climate change. Our quality assurance and distinctive brand identification, coupled with our careful training of picking crews to pick only fruit that has developed its full flavour, explains why experienced customers repeatedly seek out Blueberry Patch berries.

The Blueberry Patch has a small farm shop and a few picnic tables under the trees. As well as fresh berries and jam, our blueberry ice cream cones are very popular. Pick-your-own customers may bring their own containers or we can supply 2 or 4 litre ice cream tubs. Containers are weighed prior to filling so that the customers are charged only for the weight of the fruit picked. Eating of berries in the plantation is not permitted, because we haven’t found a way of being able to charge fairly to do this. Most of our customers prefer it that way, and appreciate that our moderate prices are based on them doing the right thing.

Crop Updates via Twitter
  • We are sorry, but this harvest season is now over. We attribute this to the impact of the extreme heat last summer… ,
  • We are not able to take any more orders at present, and "Pick Your Own" is not currently available. Our farm shop i… ,
  • The ripening has been slow because of cool weather. We have sold out of ripe fruit and will be closed until Sunday… ,
  • Our farm shop will open 11am to 4pm from Sunday 20th for sales of pre-picked berries. Times outside these hours by… ,
  • The good news is that our earliest varieties are almost ripe and our shop will open the week before Christmas, so w… ,

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