Blueberry season

Even Blueberries have an Autumn pause

Even Blueberries have an Autumn pause

Blueberries have a relatively short season in South Australia from December until February.

One of the great challenges we face is maintaining crop supply to meet the pick-your-own demand. We find that we often need to close early or skip whole days or weeks when picking has been heavy, or the crop light, or the weather unfavourable for harvest. The joys of nature!

It pays to check our Twitter stream on the day you plan to visit our farm for our daily availability report.

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Crop Updates via Twitter
  • The recent extreme heat days caused shrivelling of some ripe berries, but luckily most of our bushes and berries are still OK, for now.,
  • We are still taking a few orders for larger quantities of pre-picked berries, but please allow two or three picking… ,
  • Instead we are taking limited appointments for PYO, selected weekdays only at present, and doing our best to avoid extreme heat days.,
  • If we simply open to all for PYO we cannot cope with the large crowds that come. The record is over 70 families at… ,
  • Counter sales only at present. PYO should be starting about mid January. Please check again closer to time.,

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